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Time capsule handed over to Hauptschule (secondary school) Wenden

On Monday, 16.04.2018, on the premises of EMG Automation GmbH, the company's training manager, the school management and student representatives of the Wenden secondary school met to hand over a time capsule.

from left: Nico Kinkel, Elias Dumke, Egbert Plum, Lena Rawe, Rony Brüser, Heike Bozsik-Ose, Seval Dogan

Why a time capsule?
Last year's pupils and their teachers wanted to keep important documents from the school's history, such as foundation documents, class photos and memories of pupils and teachers, in a time capsule in a place in the school centre for posterity at the forthcoming conclusion and planned closure of the Hauptschule Wenden.

The EMG, with which the Hauptschule Wenden has a long partnership, was immediately ready to manufacture a top-safe time capsule for the school.

On Monday, 16.04.2018, the time capsule was handed over to the headmistress of the secondary school Wenden Heike Bozsik-Ose, the teacher Egbert Plum and the student representatives Nico Kinkel, Elias Dumke and Seval Dogan on the premises of EMG Automation GmbH by the heads of training of EMG, Lena Rawe and Rony Brüser.

As a tradition-conscious company for young people in the region, EMG has always been a reliable employer and training company for the secondary school in Wenden. Generations of graduates of the secondary school went through the broad spectrum of training and found their permanent place in the company.

The EMG, in simple terms, is a recognised address for graduates of the Hauptschule Wenden. The latter would therefore like to express its sincere thanks for the good cooperation and, of course, for the well-done time capsule.

On the closing date of the Hauptschule Wenden on 28.06.2018, the school representatives are therefore also pleased to welcome EMG's training supervisors as guests.