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Update: EMG eMASS® strip stabilisation: The portfolio

EMG eMASS® as the standard solution for optimising coating results

Over the last few years the EMG eMASS® electromagnetic strip stabilisation system has become the standard solution for achieving optimum coating results in hot-dip galvanising and hot-dip aluminising processes, with around 60 installations worldwide.

This high degree of market acceptance has only been achievable due to the fact that the EMG eMASS® system is available in various models, which can be optimally adapted to the respective plant conditions, installation types and customer requirements. The resulting product portfolio can be roughly divided into three different categories:

  1. Systems that are positioned directly on the air knives and are thereby able to closely follow the movements of the air knife set-up. These can be mounted at a relatively short distance from the air knife lips in individual cases. Possible limitations here, however, include the load capacity of the existing air knife equipment and the accessibility, in particular, for manual cleaning of the air knife.
  2. The most flexible and widely used category today is made up of "stand-alone systems", which are mounted on a separate support on the workshop floor and are independent of the air knives. These exhibit a great deal of freedom with regard to their moveability and access to the air knife arrangement. Such systems can be moved horizontally and vertically depending on the customer's requirements, and they offer optimum access without having to remove the EMG eMASS® system, even when working on the zinc pot. The same system category includes systems which, for example, are mounted under an existing "pre-cooler" and can thereby be moved independently of the air knife.
  3. A special class consists of the so-called "Integrated solution". This is only available in conjunction with DUMA-BANDZINK air knife technology and is employed, in particular, for new investments or complex revamps of the entire air knife system technology in high-end automotive lines. In this arrangement, the strip stabilisation system is fully integrated into the Jet-Pro® blow-off nozzle technology provided by DUMA-BANDZINK. A minimum distance to the air knife lips is realised (approx. 900 mm) and the combined handling of the electromagnetic strip stabilisation and air knife systems leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to time expenditure for maintenance work and accessibility. In addition, the "integrated solution" also allows all actuator pairs in the strip stabilisation system to be moved separately, thereby ensuring optimum coverage of all strip widths and lateral strip offsets.  This results in extremely homogeneous surface coatings while simultaneously ensuring a high production throughput.

Conclusion: EMG eMASS® covers virtually all integration and application requirements today and offers a high level of investment security and a secure "return on investment" thanks to extensive experience in production applications. Almost all customer requirements can be implemented with regard to system integration and system utilisation, particularly with the "stand-alone systems" described above. By opting for EMG eMASS® the user can therefore concentrate on the achievement of his production objectives and can confidently defend technical uncertainties with regard to system function.

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