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And what does the year 2018 bring?

New training room, EMG iCON® XE as standard for strip guiding systems, Industry 4.0 etc.

At this point we follow the physicist Niels Bohr and point out that "predictions are difficult, especially when they concern the future". Therefore, we do not look into the horoscope for the "year of the earth dog".

But of course, we work continuously on important and interesting topics. This applies not only to the further development and distribution of our quality assurance and strip guiding systems, but also to the improvement and expansion of our range of services.  At this point we would like to point out that we have already set up a completely new training room for the technical training of our customers and partners, which is now available for use. Details will be announced shortly. It goes without saying that regular trade fairs and conference participations are also scheduled (see trade fairs news). 

Starting in 2018, the EMG iCON® XE controller will become also the new standard for EMG strip guiding systems, after this year's successful implementation for EMG QA products. The EMG iCON® XE has a higher computing power and a larger memory. In addition, ProfiNet is also available as a bus system without the need for a gateway. The required electronic components were selected after many years of availability and in the manuals the lists of measuring points and parameters are further commented on for easier understanding. All in all, a standardised control amplifier for QA systems and strip guiding systems also means identical spare parts and thus additional cost advantages for you.

With regard to quality assurance systems, we are working hard in 2018 to not only offer them as a single "measuring system", but also to create the possibility of deeper integration into an automatic control process. To this end, we actively cooperate with our partners and customers.

A company like EMG naturally also has the topic "Industry 4.0" on its agenda. For you - as our customers - this means not only the provision of measurement data, but also networking with production systems and software agents throughout the entire process chain. All this before the common goal of further optimising your production processes!