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SMI for narrow strip material

SMI replaces precursor technologies for small strip widths

SMI for narrow strips

Something which may not be generally well known is that while narrow strips and narrow strip material are produced in a variety of material specifications, they are used in an even more diverse range of applications. Automotive rims, saw blades, music stands, spiral springs and zip fasteners all start out as narrow strips and narrow strip material made of special steel.

The SMI inductive strip centre measuring system, which is the successor to the tried and tested BMI and BMIH technology, is used for maintenance-free and contact-free measurement of the position of metal strip material in strip guiding systems. This year has also seen the SMI system replacing the above-mentioned precursor technologies for small strip widths.
Prominent features here include its compact design and ability to detect the position of strip material already at a strip width of only 100 mm with a high level of accuracy. The gap opening, for example, is 121 mm or optionally 224 mm (for comparison: the normal SMI measuring frames start with a gap opening of 300 mm) and the narrow induction coils used (150 mm or 300 mm) now allow strip width increments of just 300 or 600 mm respectively (the previous SMI product family offered coil widths of 500 mm upwards). The centre measuring accuracy has also been improved for the smaller frames of the SMI-SE series to ± 2 mm.  In the SMI-HE version, the smaller measuring frames achieve the same level of accuracy as their larger siblings, i.e. ± 1 mm.
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