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New sensor technology brochure

Summary of all individual brochures in one overview brochure

The exact strip center position or edge position is the most important input variable for any strip guiding solution. At EMG, these measured variables are precisely determined by optical, inductive or radar-based sensors, depending on the installation situation and individual requirements. 

To offer you the possibility to keep an overview of all important information on the EMG sensor types (optical, inductive, radar-based), we have decided to summarize all previous individual brochures of the respective solution in a complete overview brochure on sensor technology.

In addition to the most important technical information and a presentation of the advantages of the various EMG sensor types, you will also find a graphic representation of a hot-dip galvanizing line with typical application locations for EMG sensor technology in the middle of the brochure.

With this new overview brochure, all important information on the EMG strip guiding components from the fields of electronics, hydraulics and sensor technology is now available to you at a glance in corresponding complete overview brochures.

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