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Nanshan Aluminium invests in oil layer measurement

As part of the strategic expansion of its own quality assurance system, Nanshan invests in further EMG SOLID® oil layer measuring systems.

Over the past 30 years, the listed Nanshan Group has developed into one of the TOP 500 companies in China and currently has international subsidiaries in numerous other countries and regions, such as Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. A key focal point of the conglomerate lies in the aluminium industry.

Nanshan Aluminium covers the entire aluminium processing chain exclusively in one geographic region, which is unique worldwide. This includes various sectors, such as primary energy, aluminium oxide, electrolytic aluminium, aluminium profiles, aluminium sheet material, aluminium strip material and aluminium foil. The highest quality requirements from the automotive and aerospace industries play an important role in the production of aluminium strip material at Nanshan Aluminium.

As part of the strategic expansion of its own quality assurance system, Nanshan Aluminium has invested in two further double-sided EMG SOLID® oil layer measuring systems for its aluminium strip processing lines. The installations are realised by the plant manufacturers Fagor Arrasate  from Spain and Jiangsu Yawei from China. The former involves an EMG SOLID® LIF system that is based on laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy and the latter, i.e. the project with Jiangsu Yawei, involves the EMG SOLID® IR system, which is based on infrared spectroscopy.

The orders underline the flexibility in terms of the desired technological solution for oil layer measurement, which EMG is capable of realising anywhere in the world and at all times for specific customer requirements.

Do you want to know more about EMG SOLID® IR or EMG SOLID® LIF? Then please get in touch with our sales manager, Mr. Karl-Heinz Fröhning (, our international sales organisation or our product manager, Mr. Timo Gemmer (, at any time.