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No half measures: Oil layer measurement EMG SOLIDⓇ

Technically and constructively - everything from a single source

EMG SOLIDⓇ IR with homogenisation rolls

With almost 40 systems worldwide since its market launch in 2016, EMG SOLID® very quickly and successfully established on the market as a solution for online oil layer measurement.

Now one can ask oneself the question, where does this remarkable customer confidence come from in such a short time?

The answer can be given on two levels. On the one hand, EMG SOLID® is characterized by a very high degree of flexibility regarding application requirements in the metal industry. Depending on the very specific material and oil spectrum of the individual production line, either the infrared spectroscopic system EMG SOLID® IR or the highly sensitive laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy with EMG SOLID® LIF is used. Both technologies have great advantages, but also some limitations in certain fields, so that the technology that promises the best measurement results in the respective application will be used in each specific case. From today's point of view and based on experience to date, this is the widely established industrial infrared measurement technology EMG SOLID® IR in about two thirds of the cases (in particular due to the effects of oil mixtures) and, in the remaining cases, the laser fluorescence technology.

EMG and the user select the technological solution in question exclusively with a view to the expected results, taking into account the boundary conditions of system integration into the line.

The other level to consider when answering this question is EMG's ability to offer the customer or user a complete solution from a single source. This includes the optimal design of the measuring system and the constructive integration of all components into the existing production plant. Accordingly, the product range for EMG SOLID® has been significantly expanded with regard to the available standard options. 

One example is the optional C-frame construction with witch the measuring system can be moved sideways out of the line. This allows the user easier access to the system and to the line at the installation location. On the one hand, maintenance work on the coating line can be carried out without obstructions and on the other hand, maintenance work on the measuring system can be carried out without having to stop the production. When moving the C-frame in and out, the EMG SOLID® measuring heads are in the parking position. 

In the case of infrared technology (EMG SOLID® IR), the option of homogenisation rolls is added (see image). These rolls cannot be avoided for physical reasons, as the infrared measurement reacts to droplet formation on the surface and the measurement result would therefore be falsified. The homogenising rolls ensure a homogeneous lubricant film and the measurement can be carried out reliably and with the guaranteed accuracy.

Conclusion: The EMG SOLID® technology covers a wide range of applications in online oil layer measurement in the metal industry. Depending on the application requirements, either infrared technology or laser-induced fluorescence technology is used. On request, EMG can supply a complete solution including additional units, such as C-frames or homogenizing rolls, including the design integration into the production plant and the associated commissioning services. In short: everything from a single source in terms of technology and design, i.e. a SOLID offer! This makes EMG the preferred supplier for online oil layer measuring systems today. 

Have you become curious? You want to know more about EMG SOLID® IR or EMG SOLID® LIF 

Please feel free to contact our sales department and our international sales organization or our product manager Mr. Timo Gemmer ( at any time. 


We also recommend our overview product brochure for further information: EMG SOLID® oil film measurement, as well as the individual brochures EMG SOLID® IR InfraRed Spectroscopy and EMG SOLID® LIF LaserInduced Fluorescence Spectroscopy.


The film clip is also very informative in terms of application and technology: EMG SOLID® Oil layer measurement - infrared and laser induced fluorescence in our YouTube channel.

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