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Upgrades for strip centre measurement EVK3, control panel ECU and CCD cameras (CCD CAM 100)

EMG systems are characterised by constant further development on the pulse of time. In this sense, the innovations in EMG's standard solutions and components, which are now included in the delivery spectrum for EMG strip guiding solutions, are also to be understood.

EVK/EVM optical strip edge and centre positioning device 

The first of these is the optical strip edge and centre positioning device EVK/EVM. The strip edge is detected by a motorised "receiver positioning device", which is equipped with high-frequency (HF) alternating light measuring receivers that are immune to ambient light. If a lateral displacement of the strip edge occurs due to changes in width or due to strip movements, this movement is detected by the photocells and the strip edge is reliably determined by measuring the light intensity and moving the receiver device accordingly. You can find more information here!

The EVK3 generation, which will replace the now over 20-year-old EVK2 generation in the fourth quarter of 2021, is characterised by the following features:

  • a guide rail made of stainless steel (higher robustness), 
  • a much more compact drive motor, 
  • an integrated linear path encoder (omission of the PF7 potentiometer), 
  • a higher travel speed (which masters all sliver width changes without restrictions, even at high production speeds) and, very importantly, 
  • the adjustment of the system via a web browser and 
  • digital potentiometer for simplified sensor adjustment during commissioning. 

The two system generations are completely mechanically and electrically compatible, so that an exchange is possible without any problems.

ECU02.5: the new basic control panel for EMG control cabinets  

This operating and display unit is characterised by a significantly larger 4.5" colour screen in a touch-screen design with 480 x 272 pixels. As a result, twice as many measured values and/or parameters can be shown on the display and the previous limitation to 2 parameters/measuring points in the display is no longer relevant. In addition, in the course of this adaptation on the ECU02 (External Communication Unit), the previous mechanical push buttons next to the display were replaced by "soft buttons" on the screen.

From a data processing point of view, the ECU02, like the ECU01, is equipped with an RS232 interface and operates via Modbus RTU protocol. This means that ECU02 can be used with both EMG iCON® and SPC16 without software adaptation. The mechanical dimensions and mounting are also identical. Thus, the ECU02 is mechanically and electrically 100% compatible with the predecessor operating and display unit ECU01.5.

ECU02.5 is the successor for the operating and display unit ECU01.5 for door mounting in the EMG control cabinet.

ECU02.2 enables 100% replacement of the ECU01.2 for 19" SPC16 rack mounting (legacy systems).

CCD CAM 100: The new solution for digital line scan cameras

The CCDpro line scan camera which has been used so far for "low-budget" solutions is replaced by the CCD CAM 100. This new generation of cameras features twice the resolution (64,080 pixels) and a variable focal length between 20 and 50 mm with autofocus, so there is no need to change lenses. In addition, a larger touch display is now available to the operator for setting the camera. A special new feature is the integrated alignment aid with a "virtual water balance" and 3 LEDs that project an auxiliary line onto the light source - this makes aligning the camera child's play!

Of course, the CCD CAM 100 also has a CAN-open interface and is also fully compatible with CCDpro solutions.

How and where can I get support?

Know-how and support in the design, construction and installation of strip guiding solutions for your production line are concentrated at EMG! Our sales and service staff, our international sales organisation or our product management ( can provide you with concrete advice on the design of your control and sensor equipment at any time. 

Just get in touch with us!

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