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Infrared online oil layer measurement EMG SOLID® IR – the system

A glimpse into the measuring head of the EMG SOLID® system with halogen lamp

EMG SOLID® IR, which stands for "Surface Oil Layer Inline Determination", is based on infrared spectroscopy and delivers reliable results for the applied oil layer over the entire width and length of the steel or aluminium strip material.

In addition to determining the various roughness and strength values, the measurement of the oil layer represents the third component for optimising the steel or aluminium production process, as well as for the subsequent forming process to provide optimum knowledge of the tribological parameters. The knowledge of these parameters offers enormous potential in terms of reducing scrap and increasing process reliability. The measurement of the oil layer also enables a precise reapplication of oil for the panels being formed.

The principle
The actual measuring principle implemented by EMG SOLID® IR is based on the Lambert-Beer law. According to this law, the attenuation of the radiation's intensity as it passes through a medium with an absorbent substance (in this case the applied oil layer) depends on the concentration of the substance and its layer thickness. In the arrangement employed by the EMG SOLID® IR system, two halogen lamps (see image: measuring head) emit infrared radiation onto the surface of the material. A part of the light is reflected from the illuminated and oiled strip surface and then registered via an infrared spectrometer, which is arranged perpendicular to the strip level between the two halogen lamps (measuring distance: 120 mm). The light beams penetrate the oil layer twice on their way. The intensities of specific wavelengths of the light spectrum are attenuated by the oil layer in this setup. The thickness of the oil layer is then ascertained from the spectroscopic analysis of the backscattered light.
What does the system deliver?
The traversing measuring head uses a measuring frequency of 60 Hz to determine the surface weight of the oil layer in g/m2 within a measuring range of 0.1 - 6 g/m² (measurements are also possible from 0.05 g/m² with special calibration). The system can be used for all metallic and non-metallic surfaces with a low gloss level; this includes, for example, steel/cold-rolled strip (hot-dip galvanised, electrogalvanised, phosphated, aluminised, ZnMg surfaces, galvannealed, etc.), as well as aluminium strip material (uncoated, pretreated).

A special function of the EMG SOLID® IR system is its integrated, fully automatic, fast measurability check of the system. Both the intensity of the light sources and the spectroscopic analysis function are checked at a regular (adjustable) interval, within a maximum period of 15 seconds.

Why choose EMG SOLID®?
The following are just some of the advantages for the user:

  • Independence of oil mixtures
  • Simple calibration of new oil types and oil type groups
  • High repetition accuracy of 0.0015 g/m²
  • Absolute and relative measurements possible
  • No falsification through unevenly applied passivation coatings
  • Integrated, fully automatic measurability check
  • Special EMG solution for keeping the lenses clean

Further details are also available in our product brochure: EMG SOLID® oil layer measurement.

Do you want to know more about EMG SOLID®? Then please get in touch with our sales manager, Mr. Karl-Heinz Fröhning (, our international sales organisation or our product manager, Mr. Timo Gemmer (, at any time.