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Demand for EMG Quality Assurance Solutions in the US

EMG USA is currently seeing a peak in investing in new lines and revamps, not seen for decades.

The two keywords ‘demand’ and ‘awareness” are playing a major role in increased investments in quality assurance products in the coil making process or even further down the line in the processing centers or forming lines especially in the US metals industry.

Clearly the times are over where defective coils are just sent back and get replaced with new ones. The cost for each party involved from making until shaping of coils is meanwhile more than just a competitive disadvantage, its about reputation as well. There is a race going on in who is supplying the best material and the slow ones will get filtered out. 

EMG USA is currently seeing a peak in investing in new lines and revamps, not seen for decades. There is a necessity in upgrading and new lines for sure, based on the demands for example of the automotive industry. Any potential defect or processing errors need to be caught before the coil enters the forming press. Critical data essential for proper forming of class A products, like surface roughness, oil layer and mechanical material properties can be measured up front and the coils get tagged properly. The corresponding EMG quality assurance systems can easily be installed in line at the mill, the processing center or as a control device in the automotive line. 

But not just the demand from end customers and pushing the producers to invest in quality assurance products is a key player for more quality awareness. There is also a general change in the understanding and the will to produce top notch quality that is competitive worldwide. Listening to many voices in the industry, there is one conception, we need to increase the quality of our products, monitor the process better and produce prime products. In order to do so, investments are necessary. 

Good examples for such investments are firstly the recent order from PRO-TEC in an IMPOC material property measuring system. In order to avoid yield and tensile values that are out of spec, PRO-TEC can monitor the actual coil in real time on-line, react to discrepancies, make necessary changes for example in furnace temperature and avoid costly rework or even sending out of spec coils to customers. Another benefit is cost saving that tail along with quality monitoring. This investment reflects PRO-TECs commitment for the automotive industry. The company invested more than $400 million in PRO-TEC’s Continuous Annealing Line to produce strong, highly formable steel that enables automakers to fabricate lightweight parts with increased strength1.

Secondly Nucor Steel Decatur just invested in an EMG eMASS® strip stabilizer system. Homogeneous coating for an even layer and coating weight control can affect various parts of unwanted quality cost and just think about the current zinc pricing. This reflects Nucor’s own commitment to “be the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and most profitable steel and steel products company in the world.”2 

According to our calculation ROI for EMG eMASS® is very often less than a year just in zinc savings, not adding rework, complaints and other cost factors (see also: Reducing over coating – saving zinc with EMG eMASS®).

EMG and EMG USA also see strong movement in the aluminum industry. Protective oil layers or specific oil film thicknesses are essential to ensure proper end results in the forming process. The “GO-TO application” for not just the aluminum industry is the on-line real time measuring of the applied oil layer via the EMG SOLID® system. Traversing across the coil, the user will get a precise feedback on the oil layer and can make necessary adjustments right away.

You want to learn more about EMGs Quality Assurance systems? You need personal support and consultancy in the US or elsewhere?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales and service team at EMG USA (  or our international sales organization.




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