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First integrated solution successfully commissioned

EMG eMASS® and DUMA-BANDZINK as the first integrated solution commissioned successfully at voestalpine.

Side view of the EMG eMASS®/DUMA BANDZINK integrated solution in the plant

We have already reported on the world's first integrated solution for electromagnetic strip stabilisation with movable magnets in combination with DUMA-BANDZINK air knife technology on various occasions. In the third quarter of 2016, the first of this new system combination was installed on hot-dip galvanising line 2 at voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz, Austria. The system was commissioned quickly after the smooth and trouble-free installation procedure and has been used in production ever since. The strip stabilisation system at voestalpine Stahl is designed for maximum strip widths of up to 1750 mm and is equipped with 7 individually moveable actuator pairs (magnets and distance sensors). In addition, EMG's contact free inductive edge mask sensor technology is also used in the "integrated solution", which DUMA-BANDZINK has optimally integrated into its overall concept for in-house edge mask control.

Over the coming months, the system will provide a wide variety of data for various production conditions, which will enable voestalpine and its partners, EMG and DUMA-BANDZINK, to further refine and optimise the overall concept. "Crossbow reduction" is already evident and the level of damping is within the predicted range. In addition, it has also become apparent that the strip stabilisation system can be changed from one air knife installation to another within a very short timeframe and, as a result, the conversion times are insignificant

As further EMG eMASS®/DUMA-BANDZINK integrated solutions will soon be delivered and installed, this is an exciting topic that will continue to unfold and develop over the coming year.

Do you want to know more about EMG eMASS®? Perhaps you have your own goals for an integrated EMG eMASS®/DUMA-BANDZINK solution? Then please get in touch with our sales organisation or contact our product management team directly at any time at: