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EMG-VivaldiⓇ as "the" standard EMG solution for annealing furnaces

The innovative EMG-Vivaldi® strip centre measuring system, which is used within a high-temperature range, passed both the hardness test and practical test this year with a rating of "outstanding and reliable".

A total of 11 installations were commissioned in the USA, Asia, Europe and Germany in 2016 and all ran smoothly at various plants such as TATA Steel, California Steel, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, ArcelorMittal and POSCO while subjected to continuous operation. More than 30 additional systems have been ordered, delivered or are currently being installed. EMG-Vivaldi® has thereby become the standard solution for all annealing furnace applications.

Of course, numerous installations also mean a learning curve with a view to optimising the product, especially when it comes to the software. An example here is "hot referencing" at normal furnace temperatures. Today, the system is capable of performing continuous reference measurements during operation with various strip widths at normal operating temperatures of the furnace (typically above 700 °C). The measuring system thereby calculates a "virtual empty furnace" and continuously adapts the hot reference value to ensure an accurate detection of the strip position. All in all, the EMG-Vivaldi® technology that is used today is based on a tried and tested process that leaves the limitations of older technologies in the past.
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