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EMG SOLID®: “of fruit knives and steaks”

The correct measuring technology for measuring the oil layer

Sample drawer

Have you ever tried cutting up a steak lying on a blanket with a fruit knife? Probably not, the attempt would not only have seemed bizarre, but would probably have shown only moderate success.

The scenario is comparable with the use of the correct measuring technology for measuring the oil layer and the question of what (type of oil) is to be measured on which surface (texturing, type of coating, etc.).
Today, only two industrially applicable measurement technologies for online oil layer measurement exist, infrared spectroscopy and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, both offered by EMG (EMG SOLID® IR or EMG SOLID® LIF). But, unfortunately you can find as many combinations of oils, lubricants, filmic coatings and surfaces as in the combination of food with knives on plates or breakfast boards.

How do you deal with this problem? Right, with the acquisition and use of application knowledge! 

Since the introduction of EMG SOLID®, more than 20 systems have established themselves in the field with a wide range of different measuring tasks. Within the scope of these projects, more than 300 calibrations have been successfully carried out regarding various surface and lubricant combinations. Tendency growing daily! 

This application knowledge is now available for all customer projects via the EMG SOLID® calibration matrix. The term calibration matrix refers to a database that is used as standard in the course of feasibility studies or system commissioning by EMG service engineers and is continuously expanded. With the help of this extensive and growing database, statements can be made very quickly about the measuring capability for customer-specific oil and surface combinations, so that in many cases even extensive sample testing can be dispensed. On the other hand, system commissioning times can be significantly reduced.

In this context, the picture shows the EMG SOLID® test and calibration unit. It is an electromotive movable sample drawer for holding round (Ø 60 -100 mm) and square (edge length 60-100 mm) material samples for calibration and test tasks. Depending on the customer's requirements, this sample drawer is installed with the EMG SOLID® measuring system either on the plant or operating side of the strip. The samples are stored outside the test measurements in a housing sealed against environmental influences. Recalibrations and functional tests of the system are thus possible easily and independently. 

Conclusion: By choosing EMG SOLID®, you not only invest in an industrially proven and safe measurement technology, but also gain access to concentrated application knowledge from a wealth of applications. Or in other words "a sharp knife that is the guarantee to cut the steak on your plate"!

Have you become curious? You want to know more about EMG SOLID® IR or EMG SOLID® LIF? 

Please feel free to contact our responsible sales manager, Mr. Karl-Heinz Fröhning (, our international sales organisation or our product manager Mr. Timo Gemmer ( Of course, you will also find a lot of information about technology and application on our website.

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