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EMG SOLID® IR and LIF: Two systems, one DNA

At the end of 2016 EMG took over the technology and for laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy from Kienzle GmbH.

EMG SOLID® LIF application areas

This technology was developed for online oil layer measurement and the detection of surface contaminations in industrial applications including aluminium and steel production processes.

Due to the laws of physics various methods for the contactless measurement of oil films, e.g. on metal surfaces, can be applied. A distinction must be strictly made between punctual and stationary measurements on handheld instruments or laboratory systems on the one hand and online methods for production use on the hand.

Today laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy is still the only method which, in addition to infrared spectroscopy, provides reliable results in the online measurement of the oil layer directly in the production process. This was an important reason for the above-described technology transfer of laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy to EMG.

Today EMG offers both technological solutions under the product names EMG SOLID® IR (infrared spectroscopy) and EMG SOLID® LIF (laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy). Both system types are based on the same “EMG DNA” with respect to hardware components - except for the core sensor technology and hardware components for the signal processing -, software environment and human machine interface. The user can thus concentrate on the goal of an accurate oil layer measurement for production optimisation and quality assurance, and system incompatibilities on the hardware, software or operating level are therefore a thing of the past.

The main challenge in online oil layer measurement are the difficult production conditions for an optical measurement system (speed, vibration, ambient influences), the constraints with respect to installation space, and the variety of surfaces and oil types to be analysed. There's no black white answer to the question what system technology serves best for the application to be targeted. When talking about infrared spectroscopy and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, the following info graphic gives a first indication, what technology may deliver the best results and maybe implemented in an efficient and cost-optimised manner.

With the offer of two industry-proven solutions for the challenge of online oil layer measurement in the production of steel and aluminium coils and sheets, EMG offers the user an optimal and safe solution for measuring the oil layer in the production process, tailored to his needs. The selection of the technology is based exclusively on the best possible results, taking into account the overall effort required for the introduction of the system and the special conditions of the production process realised by the customer

Since both systems have the same "EMG DNA" on the hardware and software side as well as for the operating concept, the total costs of system introduction and use (total cost of ownership) are considerably reduced for the user. This applies not only to the oil level measurement system but also, in particular, to the use in combination with other quality assurance systems of EMG, e.g. the online roughness measurement EMG SORM 3plus or the online material strength measurement EMG IMPOC.

The efficient introduction of quality-assurance systems is a consultancy-intensive process, which is offered and implemented by highly qualified EMG service personnel and specialised quality engineers all over the world.