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EMG hotCAM – the heart of the matter

The new graphical user interface of the EMG hotCAM system

We have already reported on the EMG hotCAM infrared optical measuring system, which is used for measuring the strip position and strip camber in hot rolling mills, in recent issues of this newsletter (December 2015 and March 2015). After extensive experience with particularly critical application scenarios, it is worthwhile summarising the main technological points again that enable the system to be operated in a safe and virtually maintenance-free manner:

  1. Real time
    The system's software is based on a real-time operating system. Information regarding the edge position of the observed strip is transferred securely to the higher-order processing software every 20 milliseconds. This deterministic behaviour is a prerequisite for possible automatic "closed loop control" of the rolling stands.
  2. Image quality
    CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) area scan cameras are used by the system. CMOS cameras are not susceptible to the so-called "blooming effect" (an overload of the sensor's sensitivity and an impact on neighbouring pixels) and deliver good quality images under a wide variety of lighting conditions. In addition, the application of area scan cameras facilitates real-time processing scenarios, because strip edges, as opposed to line-scan cameras, do not need to be laboriously reconstructed. Furthermore, the EMG hotCAM system also operates up to the near infrared range, in which a high contrast to the surrounding area is ensured.
  3. Camera enclosure
    The camera enclosure, which has already been described in detail, and the ability of keeping the optical path clear via a specially designed compressed air guide, enable the system to be operated in a maintenance-free manner for months on end without the need for manual cleaning. Moreover, the housing is automatically sealed to prevent the ingress of dust when the system is at a standstill.

In essence, the operator is provided with a simplified view of the current production situation as illustrated above. The strip position, strip width, and their development over the strip length are displayed in a clear and neat user interface and the operator is immediately made aware of any critical deviations via a traffic light function. Manual intervention in the rolling mill control system is possible at an early enough stage to prevent the occurrence of "cobbles".

Further details are also available in our product brochure: EMG hotCAM.

Nothing stands in the way of using EMG hotCAM. The potential to avoid cobbles and other problems in the production process only needs to be utilised. EMG would be happy to help!

Do you want to know more about EMG hotCAM? Or do you have some different ideas for using the hotCAM technology? Then please get in touch with our sales organisation or contact our product management team directly at any time at: and visit our website.