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An ideal symbiosis: EMG eMASS® strip stabilisation and the DUMA-BANDZINK air knife as an integrated system

EMG eMASS® and DUMA-BANDZINK air knife (schematic diagram)

The strip calming results and the increased added value that can be achieved through the use of an electromagnetic strip stabilisation system depend significantly on the optimum arrangement of the strip stabilisation system in relation to the zinc air knife. To put it simply: the better the EMG eMASS® system is integrated into the air knife system and the closer the strip stabilisation system is located to the air knife lips (i.e. the actual point of technology), the better the results that are to be expected.

As the manufacturer of EMG eMASS®, the world's leading strip stabilisation solution, we are particularly pleased that we, together with DUMA-BANDZINK GmbH (one of the market leaders of modern air knife systems), have received our first reference order for a fully integrated system for the modernisation of hot-dip galvanising line 2 at voestalpine STAHL GmbH in Linz/Austria.

As a result, voestalpine is once again demonstrating its "innovative spark and future-oriented approach"1.

The combination of these two leading technologies offers, among other things, the following advantages:

  • an optimum synergy between air knife design and strip stabilisation,
  • the ability to achieve the highest and most accurate zinc coating results,
  • the creation of optimum conditions for a closed control circuit,
  • enhanced control of the overall coating process,
  • an optimum technical solution in terms of maintenance and air knife lip cleaning,
  • the integration of the EMG eBACS strip edge sensors for controlling the strip edge masks and, last but not least,
  • a significant noise reduction.

The pioneering technological symbiosis described here is enabled in a reliable and comparatively unproblematic manner thanks to the fundamentally modular structure of the EMG eMASS® system .

It should also be highlighted here that the proximity of the EMG eMASS® system to the air knife lip enables direct conclusions to be drawn with regard to the strip position and shape between the air knife lips, thereby enabling corrections to be made to the position of the air knife without delay. Furthermore, the integrated EMG eBACS inductive edge mask control sensors also provide additional information regarding the lateral position of the strip. Overall, a new quality of parameters is achieved for optimum air knife control.

Commissioning of the combined system is scheduled to start at the end of September 2016.

Do you want to know more about EMG eMASS®? Perhaps you have your own goals for an integrated EMG eMASS®/DUMA-BANDZINK solution? Then please get in touch with our sales organisation or contact our product management team directly at any time at:


1Source: Corporate brochure: voestalpine - one step ahead