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Production of thin layers

Massive zinc savings with EMG eMASS®

The graph illustrates the technical challenge and solution.

Often, EMG eMASS® application scenarios are not primarily concerned with saving the last gram of zinc, but primarily with the ability to produce thin coatings at all. This is the case wherever either older nozzle systems are used or air knives in which the main focus was not initially on low coating weights for reasons of investment costs or target market orientation. With EMG eMASS®, however, precisely such air knife arrangements can be upgraded to produce thin layers with high quality.

With EMG eMASS® switched off, the minimum nozzle distance in this example is 40 mm. After switching on the strip stabiliser, the minimum nozzle distance can be reduced to 20 mm. In this application example, this means that, for the first time, layers of 100 g/m2 can be achieved without having to live with a massive overcoating.

Fantastic, yes, but not unrealistic. The above values reflect the result of an air knife revamp with installation of EMG eMASS® at a European manufacturer of hot-dip galvanised sheet material for architectural applications in 2010.

We will gladly leave it to you to estimate the "Return of Invest period" for this project. If you land well under 12 months, you are not wrong.

In the figurative sense, such results have also been reported by manufacturers who have opted from the beginning on to combine a cheaper air knife technology with EMG eMASS®. A good example of this is the use of the EMG eMASS® system at the hot-dip galvanising line at Hao Sen in Vietnam in 2014. EMG eMASS® alone enabled Hao Sen to meet the high quality standards and the required production volume with a very moderate investment in the air knife technology for this new hot-dip galvanising line. A plausible strategy that has now been confirmed by 6 further orders for EMG eMASS® from the emerging steel centres in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to reduce the coating weights and/or increase production throughput while maintaining or improving quality in your line with the existing air knife technology, or whether you are investing in a air knife combined with an
EMG eMASS® strip stabilisation system, do not hesitate to contact EMG or your EMG sales or service partner. It could be worth more than you think! This applies both in view of the possibly massively reduced zinc consumption and the opening up of new customer market segments.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in optimising an EMG eMASS® line that already produces comparatively low layer weights and where the overcoating process is of manageable dimensions, please read what other users have achieved in such situations in:

Basically, what such considerations mean for your plant or project in individual cases can only be estimated after taking a close look at the situation on site and knowing the concrete production data. We are also happy to provide you with the corresponding calculation aids and advise you in detail.

Please feel free to contact our sales organisation or our product management directly at: and visit our website.