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The feasibility study for EMG SOLID®

Doubts should be ruled out: The feasibility study for the online oil layer measurement EMG SOLID®

As noted earlier, the greatest challenges in online oil layer measurement are the difficult production conditions (speed, vibration, environmental influences) for an optical measurement system, the limitations in the installation space and the variety of surfaces and oil varieties to be analyzed. There is often no black-and-white answer to the question, which system technology is best suited for the respective application!

Even if issues such as installation space and system integration can be clarified adequately prior to a system installation, the different surface finishes and oil varieties are often still a possible problem. In this respect, an accurate investigation of lubricated and unlubricated material samples (which reflect the possible combinations of oil varieties and/or surface types in production) in the EMG laboratory is recommended. The resulting feasibility study then provides a clear statement on the applicability of the system technology EMG SOLID® IR or EMG SOLID® LIF, i.e. infrared spectroscopy or laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, at the respective production line.

EMG from now on offers this form of a feasibility study to all customers who want to examine the application of the online oil layer measurement and to obtain additional security for the investment process. This is especially recommended in the case of materials and surface finishes that have not yet been analysed by an EMG SOLID® or comparable online oil layer measurement system. The investigation may refer to one of the two available technologies, or may include both system types. In case of the laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy EMG SOLID® LIF, the feasibility study can also be applied to the detection of minimal contaminations on different substrates.

In summary, in such cases the technological risk is minimized without increasing the overall costs for the planned procurement.

Would you like to know more about the EMG SOLID® feasibility study as well as its content and scope? Then please do not hesitate to contact your EMG sales partner or our product manager for online oil layer measurement, Mr. Timo Gemmer ( for further information and to get a specific offer.