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Brake lifting devices with condition monitoring

Brake lifting devices with condition monitoring

At TOC Europe, which took place in Amsterdam this year between 27.06 and 29.06.2017, we presented a representative model from our new device series.

The new interface solution for connecting brake lifting devices to customers' monitoring systems was also introduced as a special feature. This solution utilises intelligent sensors, which not only gather data regarding the current operating condition of the brake lifting devices and brakes at any time, but also relay this information to the customers' existing systems.

Under the heading of "Condition Monitoring", customers are provided with comprehensive information about the respective operating condition of their device, which enables impending malfunctions/failures to be identified, and the corresponding countermeasures initiated, at an early stage. Furthermore, the customer is also able to plan service and maintenance measures at an early stage and in a targeted manner.

The solution we presented at the trade fair offers the customer clear added value, particularly in the port sector, where the high availability of crane systems is of significant importance. Reduced service and maintenance costs, as well as extended maintenance intervals, also offer the customer a significant advantage. The costs associated with precautionary service and/or maintenance procedures, which are currently often implemented by plant operators, can be significantly reduced and the service life of components enhanced based on the information determined by the system.

In general, the new generation of brake lifting devices, i.e. the presented sensors in combination with the interface system, was received in a very positive manner by visitors to the trade fair and it aroused considerable interest.