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Trainee trip 2017

After a waiting period of two years it was finally time again. The trainee trip 2017 was just around the corner.

On Friday, 22 September 2017, 30 EMG trainees together with the trainers, JAV members and the works council member Stefan Köster set off for Thuringia. The goal of the four-hour bus ride was the historical city of Erfurt.

In the early afternoon the group reached the first point of the program, the go-kart track in Erfurt. After some tough races and risky overtaking manoeuvres, the winner of the day was decided. Alexander Jentsch drove the fastest lap and took first place with Robin Rademacher. But also Christian Solbach, Christopher Schmidt, Jennifer Rademacher and Marius Stracke (3rd place) drove excellent times. Afterwards all trainees went on to the youth hostel in a good mood and without any injuries.

In the evening the group drove to the city centre together to have dinner in a bourgeois economy.
Afterwards, the trainees were able to explore Erfurt's old town in smaller groups before returning to the youth hostel.

The next morning, a visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp was planned. This part of the trip was very depressing for everyone, but nevertheless highly informative and interesting.

After that the group went back to the city centre. This time was dined in a medieval restaurant. Afterwards, everyone was allowed to spend their free time as they wanted. Many attended the Oktoberfest in Erfurt.

On Sunday morning they started their journey home with a stopover in Eisenach, including an interesting city tour and lunch. From Eisenach we finally went back to Wenden.

The 2017 trainee trip was a great pleasure for everyone and will be well remembered by every participant.

Since the mid-1960s, excursions like this have been organised for EMG trainees. This offer is certainly not a matter of course, so we would like to thank the management for it.

Furthermore, we would like to thank all the supervisors, Lena Rawe and Rony Brüser for the good organisation and also all the trainees, who behaved in an exemplary manner.

The EMG trainees