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7th Health Day at EMG Automation

Already for the 7th time EMG Automation GmbH invited its employees at the location Wenden to the Health Day on 15.11.2018. EMG was supported by the company Deutsche Sport Marketing GmbH and the Berufsgenossenschaft (BG ETEM) with a varied health program.

In two "Meal Prepping" workshops the participants learned a lot about healthy and quick meals, which are especially suitable for taking away for work.

Already at the beginning of the week, all employees received fresh fruit and muesli bars at the workplace to strengthen their immune system, in addition to the invitation to the Health Day. On the actual Health Day, all employees were given the opportunity, as every year, to obtain comprehensive information about their health during working hours.

Since a balanced diet at the workplace is often not easy, the employees had the opportunity to prepare tasty and above all healthy snacks under the guidance of a nutrition expert at two cooking workshops. 

In addition, the employees could have themselves checked out from head to toe at various measuring stations. The lung test measured the maximum lung volume and the maximum flow rate. The employees received a corresponding lung pass via the result. The movement dependent blood filling of the leg veins was examined by light reflex rheography. This screening method allows a statement to be made about the function of the venous valves. At the bodycheck station, employees were able to obtain information about the composition of their body fat, body water percentage and muscle mass and thus obtained a comprehensive result of their cell fitness. The results were explained to the employees at the end of the examination.

In addition, the employees were informed about the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and its risks. With the help of intoxicating spectacles in different per mille values, alcohol consumption could be simulated in a course.  

After an educational film about organ donation, the participants had the opportunity to complete an organ donation card. 

In the EMG relaxation room, the employees were able to get to know relaxation exercises with the help of progressive muscle relaxation. This offer was not only available on the health day, but was also permanently installed at EMG at the beginning of the year in order to make effective use of breaks. 

At the EMG company doctor's, employees could, as every year, be vaccinated against the flu virus and have their personal vaccination status checked.

In addition, healthy snacks were served at a muesli bar before everyone returned to work. 

A total of around 160 EMG employees took part in this year's Health Day and the number of participants has risen steadily since the first Health Day in 2011. This positive response encourages EMG to continue to hold health days in the future and to draw the attention of its employees to their own well-being.