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6th Health Day at EMG Automation GmbH

During the heart check, ECG, fitness and stress levels were analysed.

Within the framework of the so-called TOP. JOB program, EMG Automation GmbH has set itself the task of providing health care and support for its own employees.

For this purpose, a health day for EMG employees at the Wenden site was held for the sixth time on November 7, 2017. EMG was supported by Deutsches Sport Marketing GmbH.

Already the day before, all employees received fresh fruit at the workplace to strengthen their immune system. On the Health Day itself, as every year, all employees were given the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about their health during working hours.

Since a balanced diet at the workplace is often not easy, the employees had the op-portunity to prepare tasty and above all healthy snacks under the guidance of a nutrition expert at two cooking workshops.

In addition, the employees were able to have themselves checked through from head to toe at various measuring stations and, after a presentation on e-bike leasing, to carry out test drives with e-bikes.

At the cardiac check station, for example, the ECG, stress factor and fitness level of the employees were evaluated by measuring the cardiac functions and explained at the end of the examination. Participants were shown how much the factors of movement and diet (or too little exercise and poor nutrition) have an impact on the cells involved in the metabolism.
The hearing test measured the most important auditory frequencies of four different pitches. Depending on the results, the participants received a recommendation for a further examination by an acoustician.

The risk of osteoporosis and other bone metabolic disorders with increased risk of bone fractures was determined during bone density measurement. The bone density was measured with ultrasound waves and the maximum strength of the bone was determined. The results and tips on osteoporosis prevention were then discussed with the participants.

The so-called MediMouse® was used to analyse the posture and mobility of the spine during a back check. During the subsequent discussion of the results, the participants were also shown exercises to improve musculature, posture and mobility. Each participant also received a DVD with back exercises.

At the EMG company doctor's office, the employees were able to get vaccinated against the flu virus and have their personal vaccination status checked.

At a wafer station, the employees received healthy wholemeal curd cheese and apple-cinnamon waffles to strengthen them before returning to their respective workplaces.

In total, about 130 EMG employees took part in the offers of this year's Health Day and the number of participants has continued to increase since the 1st Health Day in 2011. This positive response encourages EMG to continue to hold further health days in the future and to draw the attention of its employees to their own well-being.