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Stagnation is regression, therefore our goal is continual improvement. For our customers and business partners, for our employees, for a competitive and market-leading EMG. Now and in the future: EMG.moving ahead.

To ensure this remains the case and we are able to cope with future requirements, we launched the TOP.FIT project in 2005, the purpose of which is to implement the continuous improvement process (CIP) within the EMG group. It goes without saying that EMG was continuously improving its products and services beforehand. In the TOP.FIT project, however, two of EMG's employees are solely concerned with introducing and further enhancing processes to conserve our resources.

One of the projects supported by TOP.FIT is the introduction of the so-called "One-Piece-Flow" procedure. By this we mean the departure from workbench production to cellular manufacturing, whereby each product, such as a control cabinet, is fully completed before the next one is started. This saves space and time.


TOP.FIT basic principles

  • Reduction of lead times
  •  Increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Standardisation of processes
  • Minimisation of stock levels
  • Flexibility for employees and production
  • Simplification of logistics processes
  • Promotion of individual responsibility for employees
  • Order and cleanliness as a matter of course