IT Systems Engineer

IT systems engineers plan, install and configure systems, components and networks associated with information technology. They procure the necessary hardware and software and set up the required power supply. They then put the systems into operation and install the software.
They inform and advise customers on-site regarding the use of devices for information and communication technology such as computers, telephone systems, printers and fax machines.
When installing and setting up the devices, they make sure that they are easily accessible and convenient to use and that they satisfy ergonomic requirements.
Source: Federal Employment Agency, BERUFENET – Dated 11/2013

Would you like to become an IT systems electronics technician?

Are you interested in information technology and network technology?

If you are, you should bring the following attributes to the role:

  • Interest in computers and electrical engineering
  • Fun solving technical problems
  • Flexibility and ability to work in a team

That's what we offer you:

  • Apprenticeship pay according to IG-Metall tariff NRW
  • Own iPad for learning and creating your digital report booklet
  • Own training workshop
  • Internship abroad and trainee trips