Industrial Management Assistant

Industrial management assistants control business processes within the company. In materials management, they compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and supervise the receipt and storage of goods. In production management, they plan, control and monitor the production of goods or services and prepare accompanying documents for orders. In sales, they perform calculations, develop price lists and conduct sales negotiations with the customer. They also develop targeted marketing strategies. If they are involved in the fields of accounting and/or finance, industrial management assistants will process, book and control processes that occur during the course of business.
In human resource management, they assess personnel requirements, are involved in acquiring and/or selecting personnel and planning personnel deployment. 
Quelle: Federal Employment Agency, BERUFENET – Dated 11/2013

Would you like to become an industrial clerk? 

Are you interested in the fields of purchasing, sales, marketing, human resources and financial accounting?

If you are, you should bring the following attributes to the role:

  • Interest in business relationships
  • Communicativeness
  • Flexibility and the ability to work in a Team

That's what we offer you:

  • Apprenticeship pay according to IG-Metall tariff NRW
  • own iPad for learning and creating your digital report booklet
  • Internship abroad and trainee trips