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Inductive strip centre position detection IMR

Inductive centre measurement in wet sections

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In aggressive and humid environments, such as in strip pickling or cleaning lines with medium temperatures of up to 80 °C, the IMR inductive strip centre measuring system detects the centre position of metal strip and foil material with an accuracy of ±5 mm. The system is completely maintenance-free and suitable for use in the presence of acidic fumes and liquids.

In the IMR system, four encapsulated coils are inserted into two medium-resistant, non-metallic protective pipes that run through the container above and below the strip. This ensures the best-possible protection for the sensors against environmental influences. Two coils in a pipe act as transmitters, while the other two act as receivers. Due to the inductive measuring method used, typical environmental conditions such as fumes, acids or plastic materials in the immediate vicinity do not have any influence on the measurement result.

Three types of coil are available, which cover the strip widths that typically occur in the field. Depending on the centre sensors selected, the system can be used for detecting strip width deviations of 550, 950 or 1550 mm.


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