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Inductive strip centre measurement in high-temperature range IMM2/IMH2/IMU2

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In continuous strip annealing lines with either a horizontal or vertical strip run and furnace temperatures of up to 1100 °C, the IMH2 inductive strip centre measuring system monitors the centre position of the strip with a centre measuring accuracy of ±5 mm.

Two temperature-resistant metal tubes equipped with special heat-resistant measuring coils are installed across the furnace above and below the strip. The electrical connections for the remote evaluation electronics are sealed in a gas-tight manner. Depending on the centre sensors selected, the system can be used for detecting strip width deviations between 750 and 1350 mm.

The system is maintenance-free, self-monitoring and does not contain any wear parts. Only one opening needs to be provided in each furnace wall and two double flanges mounted in a gas-tight manner, thereby ensuring an easy assembly and commissioning process.

Customer benefits:

  • Simple project planning, including conversions and modifications

  • High level of accuracy in the high-temperature range

  • No impact from the furnace atmosphere

  • Reduction of strip breakage in the furnace

  • Easy assembly and commissioning

  • Proven and reliable design

  • No wear parts

  • Long service life 

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