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Linearer light emitter LLS

Optical strip position detection

[Translate to English:] Lichtsender LLS

When used in combination with the EVK or EVM  optical light receiver, the LLS linear light emitter forms a sensor system for contact-free strip edge position sensing of non-transparent material.

The LLS is characterised by its integrated LED technology which boasts a service life of 50,000 hours, its compact dimensions and its heavily reduced energy consumption thanks to an excellent level of efficiency. Precise control of the light intensity and fault monitoring are ensured via the integrated electronics.

The electronics that are integrated in the LLS pulse the LEDs with a frequency of 2000 Hz. The emitted light intensity is then detected by a photocell and regulated to a constant value by the electronics. Voltage and temperature fluctuations, as well as an ageing of the LEDs, do not have an impact on the intensity of the light unit or on the measuring signal. If the control range is exceeded and/or the light source fails, the control system will be blocked directly via the monitoring logic of the strip position controller and a malfunction will be signalled.

For ease of maintenance the LED board is mounted on a withdrawable unit with a lateral guide. A solid M12 industrial plug enables fast and convenient operation.

For further details and technical data, please refer to our product brochure for the EVK/EVM optical strip edge and strip centre guiding system.

You can also request the corresponding data sheet from our sales department or product manager.