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Alternating light measuring receiver LS

Contact free detection of the strip edge

[Translate to English:] Lichtsender LS13

LS alternating light measuring receivers operate as photoelectric edge sensors. Their immunity to ambient light and robust aluminium housing make them ideally suited for tough duty on the strip.

Alternating light measuring receivers in the LS series are used in strip guiding systems for contact free detection of the strip edges. The strip material must be impervious to light. Alternating light measuring receivers are designed as photoelectric edge sensors with extensive coverage between the light emitter and measuring receiver. The alternating light eliminates the influence of ambient light. LS13 is used here as a measuring receiver and LS14 is used as a reference receiver.

Applications for LS 13/14 (one-way alternating light sensor):

For further information regarding the areas of application and technical data relating to the LS 13/14, please refer to our product brochure for the EVK/EVM optical strip edge and strip centre guiding system. You can also request the corresponding data sheet from our sales department or product manager.