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Line scan camera CCDpro

Detection of the strip edge position

[Translate to English:] Zeilenkamera CCDpro

The CCD Pro line scan camera provides exact detection of strip edges and the strip centre position. With an integrated control unit and interchangeable lenses, it is extremely flexible in its application. Simple operation and maintenance are thereby guaranteed.

The edge position of back lit strip is detected by a CCD line sensor and converted by integrated microcontroller electronics into a digital signal which is proportional to the strip edge position. The measured edge position and the internal status values of the camera are fed to the downstream control electronics using a digital fieldbus connection. To change the measuring range, lenses with a focal length of 28 mm and 50 mm are used.

The camera is commissioned directly via the control panel. The various menu fields, the arrow keys for selecting menu items, any alterations made to parameters and the curve of measured edge values are shown online on the graphic display.
You can request the corresponding data sheet from our Product Manager.