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Obsolescent and phased out components

Why does EMG have to phase out components?

Products and solutions from EMG Automation represent modern engineering and technology around the world. The long-term use of all systems is guaranteed for many years thanks to the availability of support and spare parts. The limited storage life of certain components that have not been on the market for some time, however, means that EMG will no longer be able to guarantee the availability of these components after a certain point in time, despite our careful planning for the future.

The following section provides an overview of the products that are currently being phased out and the replacement solutions offered by EMG. Further information regarding the individual replacement solutions can be accessed by clicking the link for the respective product, or it can be obtained on request from our product management team (

YearComponentavailable as spart partFollow up solution
2020EVK and EVM - all analogue modules, e.g. motherboard EVK1.02 (231311), EVM1.01 (231429)Digital strip controller EMG iCON® XE and conversion kit EVK07.68 incl. electronics EVK2.11.x (269489)
No plug compatibility, single coil exchange possible
2018BMI 6.xxxNo explosion protection products available for hazardous areas. Also no spare parts.
2018SV1-10/.../.../.../ExNo explosion protection products available for hazardous areas. Also no spare parts.
2018ESZ.../11 (up to 2010)Repairs possible only of electrical components: motor, fan, SCI04, displacement sensor.
Spare part: Complete replacement on ESZ.../21
2018ESZ.../01 (up to 2007)No more repairs possible.
Complete exchange on ESZ.../21
2018Light unit H211.24.DCLight unit H211.24.DC.LED
2018LS42.01 and LS42.01/KGavailable as spare part
2018Digital controller: EMG iCON® SE           XFor new applications: EMG iCON® XE
2017SPC16 Plug-in Card GED01 (235195) Generator/Demodulator Card for IWG5Evaluation electronics MEI2.01. Attention: Change of application program to control amplifier necessary
2017Digital controller: SPC16 with all plug-in cards (e.g. MCU24.xx, …)           XFor new applications: EMG iCON® XE
2017Digital controller: IDC 32.xx.yy           XFor new applications: EMG iCON® XE
2017Measuring frame BMI2, BMI, BMI2-CP, BMIH-CP,  
BMI2.11.x (motherboard, CANbus)
BMI2.25 (motherboard, analogue)
BMI2.51 (Subprint)
BMI2.55 (Subprint)
For all other BMI items:
Measuring frame: Conversion to SMI-xx incl. conversion package
Electronics: Conversion to SMI electronics (BMI2.15)
2017Control for ESZ: Frequency converter of Lenze, device series 8200 and 9200EMG SCM
Lenze 8400 as spare part available
2016PLM and HF-PLM parallel light receiverup-to-date measuring sensors
2016SSI 01.1 (Evaluation card of SSI-sensors in SPC16-controller, 231935)           Xavailable as spare part
2016H4xx and H6xx 50/60 Hz-Light (Light for PLM)Not available as spare parts. The EU-Eco-Design Directive for EuP (Energy using Product) is an EU regulation. The placing on the market of such products is prohibited.
2016Incremental encoder evaluation INK 01 (231844)           Xavailable as spare part
2015NET21.01 (231801)
ADU01.2 (231807)
ADU01.1 (231825)
For IMH1 evaluation in UMC16 rack.
Follow up solution: SMI1.05
NET21.02 (231832)
NET21.03 (231850)
NET21.04 (235058)

Follow up solution:
• EMG iCON® XE (recommended)
• Replacement of SPC16+ rack 

2015IMM/IMH - Induct. strip centre sensor for the high-temperature range            XAvailable as spare part
Follow up solution:
  • IMM2/IMH2 - Induct. 2nd generation strip centre sensor for the high-temperature range (since 2005).
  • EMG-Vivaldi® - strip centre sensor for installation outside the furnace (since 2013). Furnace flange conversion is necessary.
2014KLW... 014KLW... 012 with transducer
2013MICRONproSpare parts on request
2013DC light unit LIE           XLLS…/02 (linear light emitter with LED technology)
2013HF-light unit LIC           XLLS…/01 (linear light emitter with LED technology)
2013Complete strip controller SPCc2
(available as spare part)
           XDigital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2013Complete strip controller SPCc4
(available as spare part)
           XEMG iCON® Intelligent digital control systemDigital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2013BMI2.01 / BMI2.02 analogue evaluation electronics-
2013HR100 and HA100 with 2,2 kW motor 90L (IE1)HR100 und HA100 with 2,2 kW motor 100L (IE2)
2013HR250 and HA250 with 9,5 kW motor 132M (IE1)HR250 und HA250 with 11 kW motor 160M (IE2)
2013EH-ST... (Electro-hydraulic control unit)HR040…
2013IDC32-10Digital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2013MCU16 Individual inspection --> MCU24
2013MCU16.1Individual inspection --> MCU24
2013SCI 01/SCI 02, sensor CANopen interface for SST stroke sensorSCI 04 (SST stroke transducer not suitable for connection, only SSI stroke transducer)
2013Analogue evaluation electronics BMI2.02current measuring sensors
2013VKI2VKI3 (1:1 replacement not possible / larger non-metallic space)
2010Analogue control amplifier BLR20 + BK additional cards
(used until 2000)
Digital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2010MCU22Digital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2010Light measuring receiver HF-PLE...
LS10.01 light barrier
up-to-date measuring sensors
2010Light measuring receiver PLE… 
LS10.01 light barrier
up-to-date measuring sensors
2010R42D… reflex light barrierLS42 d.c. light sensor with LED light emitter LID43
No spare part (e.g. reflectors) available
2010Reflection sensor TW54No spare part available; individual inspection
2009IMH1.01 analogue evaluation electronics -
2009IM1.002 analogue evaluation electronics -
2009LIH/LIH2 HF-light unit
Fluorescent tubes no longer available
LLS (linear light emitter with LED technology)
The EU Eco-design Directive for EuP (Energy using Product) is an EU regulation that prohibits the placing on the market of such products.
2009PDP 01 und PDP01.1 PROFIBUS interface cardMCU24.2 mit PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus interface
2009SPC1501 digital strip position controller Digital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2009T19.004 analogue strip position controllerDigital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2009T19.001 analogue strip position controllerDigital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2009T18.004 analogue strip position controllerDigital controller: EMG iCON® XE
2000GL 240/100-

Is your component on the list? Don't panic!

EMG products are designed to have the longest service life. If the products in your production department have been performing their duties to date without any complaints, all indications are that they will continue to do so for a long time. On the rare occasion that a defect does occur, EMG offers modern alternatives that are available for all discontinued components. Not only do these offer enhanced options in terms of their use, but they also frequently enable existing sensor components to be reused or upgraded with very little effort.

Simply use our online form to contact our experts - we will be happy to advise you and will contact you immediately.

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