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Steering rolls with proportional adjustment characteristics

[Translate to English:] Steuerrollen mit proportionalem Stellverhalten

To bridge different strip running levels, e.g. between the strip buffer and strip treatment sections, the two required deflector rolls are used together with the purely proportional SRD steering roll. The advantage of this type of steering roll is that it can be installed in compact areas of a system; its low edge load means it only requires a very short free inlet and outlet section.

In this setup the steering roll rotates around a fulcrum in the plane of the incoming strip and, as a result, shifts the outgoing strip part laterally. If the incoming strip is misaligned, a strip offset is not prevented on the steering roll itself, but the strip is corrected to a predetermined point in the system. The run of the strip is corrected proportionally to the range of movement of the guide frame - the incoming and outgoing strip forms a right angle to the swivel plane. The maximum correction capacity is determined by the distance between the incoming and outgoing strip level.

The maintenance-free SMI  inductive strip centre measuring system is installed immediately downstream of the steering roll here to detect the strip position.

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