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Hydraulic controller HR/HA

Hydraulic strip guiding system

[Translate to English:] Hydraulikregelung HR

The HR hydraulic controller and the HA hydraulic power pack generate reliable hydraulic energy for any power range. A HR hydraulic controller is a HA hydraulic power pack with a servo valve, which regulates the volume flow of the fluid.

Standard hydraulic units fundamentally consist of an oil tank, a motor/pump assembly and a filter. Pressure-regulated pumps with variable displacement are used. If cooling is required, either air or water cooling units may be used. 

Customer benefits of the HR/HA:

  • Hydraulic energy for any power range
  • Units can be tailor-made for coilers that require extreme capacities
  • High level of reliability in all areas of application
  • Monitoring device (level, temperature, pressure) integrated
  • Protection of the components from contaminants in the hydraulic oil via special filters
  • Customer-specific design and optimisation

A summary of EMG's hydraulic components, including various technical details, can be found in our product brochure.