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Quality during continuous strip processing

For metal strip production, treatment and processing, the material, which is supplied in the form of coils, is unwound and then fed to the production process. In most cases, it is rewound into coils thereafter so as to allow convenient transport. Due to its geometric shape, metal strip material tends to run unevenly from the deflector rolls in the treatment line. 

The strip guiding system serves to keep a strip, which shows such tendency, in the centre of the system or in any other defined position. The strip guiding system thereby prevents damage to the product or the production plant and ensures that the strip runs evenly through the production process. 

Due to ever increasing quality demands and high availability in combination with reduced operating and maintenance personnel, however, requirements are constantly increasing which has a great impact on the quality of strip guiding systems and their components.

As a rule, a strip guiding system consists of a selection of the following components:

The various applications of the strip guiding systems are combined from the above-mentioned components:

Here you will find an overview of all currently discontinued products and replacement solutions offered by EMG: