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EMG SOLID® LIF – Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy

The measuring principle

Measuring principle EMG SOLID® LIF

Via laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy the system measures the coating weight of the oil layer and visualises it over the entire measured material surface:

  • Special solid state laser delivers 10.000 single pulses per second.
  • Robust and flexible quartz fibre bundle transmits the light energy to the measuring spot.
  • A second quartz fibre bundle transmits the fluorescence signal to the counting system, in which a photo multiplier detects single photons in a time-resolved manner and analyses them in nano seconds statistically.
  • A micro controller controls the analysing system, manages the system calibrations and calculates the results.

Customer's benefits

  • low influence of roughness, textures, oil droplets, hotmelt structures, therefore no homogenisation rolls necessary
  • proof of very thin layers < 20 mg/m² in principle possible, therefore usable for cleanliness measurements
  • only very small space required
  • absolute and relative measurements possible
  • special EMG solution for keeping the lens clean
  • high measuring accuracy
  • very high measuring frequency (10 kHz) and high definition of measuring spot (Ø = 8 mm)