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SWOp – Strip width optimisation

In many steel treatment processes the steel strip is subject to a contraction in dimensions. This results in a reduction of the strip width within a process line, often caused by thermal treatment or by high strip tension. Precise knowledge of the input and output width allows predetermination of the change in the strip width as a function of the line parameters. This results in strip width optimisation for all upstream processes and to a reduction in the amount of edge scrap from trimming.

The most important factors which influence changes in strip width are the grade of steel, the strip width itself and the thickness, as well as strip tension or the annealing cycles in the process line. The SWOp system solution (Strip Width Optimisation) offers, in a combination of several width measurements and a PC server, the working platform for visualising the strip width and the various factors leading to optimisation of the strip width in the overall process.

Customer benefits:

  • Optimisation of the purchase order and/or minimisation of the width of coil in use (primary material)
  • Minimisation of the amount of scrap
  • Incoming inspection and logging of the ordered strip width
  • Scrap level count upstream of the edge trimming shear
  • Integrated early warning system "insufficient strip width"