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BREIMO – Strip width measurement

Strip width measurement in steel processing plants

[Translate to English:] Breitenmesssystem BREIMO

BREIMO is the contact-free, optical strip width measuring system for steel strip material in continuously running processes. Consisting of a measuring frame with two sensor positioning devices (EVK), the corresponding light emitters (LLS) and a common linear stroke transducer, BREIMO is an extremely reliable strip width measuring system. All of the advantages offered by the EVK can also be found in the BREIMO system, such as, for example, a robustness to external malfunctions. Changes to the strip edge position are continuously detected and taken into account when calculating and displaying the strip width.

Customer benefits:

  • More efficient processes
  • Reduction in the use of resources
  • Precise and reliable measuring accuracy
  • High availability
  • Minimum installation space required
  • High economic efficiency
  • Ease of operation
  • State-of-the-art fieldbus technology
  • Sturdy, ready-to-install measuring frame according to individual customer requirements
  • Short commissioning time
  • Quick and convenient calibration
  • Reduction in the amount of scrap from trimming (in combination with EMG SWOp)

For further information and the available models, please refer to our product flyer.