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Holiday care programme at EMG Automation GmbH for the first time

Holidays at last!!! Music to all children's ears.

The children had a lot of fun with their carers from pme Familienservice during the two-week holiday programme

Balancing the long school holidays with a career, however, is a major challenge that is faced by many working parents every single year. In order to provide support for its personnel, EMG Automation GmbH decided to offer its employees in Wenden the opportunity to have their children looked after on EMG's premises for two weeks during the summer holidays. This is the first year the programme has been introduced. The offer was geared towards children aged between 5 and 12 with supervision provided daily between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00.

Each of the nine children that were signed up for the programme received EMG T-shirts on the first day. The group was supervised by two employees from “pme Familienservice” (pme family service), which has been providing child care programmes for company employees since 1994, and therefore has a lot of experience when it comes to looking after children. pme Familienservice offered an exciting and varied programme for the children of EMG's employees.

The first week, which ran from 17-21 July, revolved around the title "Journey around the World". The two carers gave the children the opportunity here to learn a lot about the different continents of the world. What foreign cultures are there? What customs and practices do other people have? And what is actually eaten around the world? The children were able to find out how other children play in different countries, try exotic dishes and immerse themselves in different cultures. During an excursion to the Monkey and Bird Park in Eckenhagen, the children encountered exotic animals from other continents.

The second week, which ran from 24-28 July, was then devoted to the theme of "Experiences of nature". During this period, the children dealt with important issues surrounding nature and the environment. What is there to discover in nature? What does sustainability mean? Why does our climate change and why is it so important to protect nature?
During a visit to the Naturerlebnispark Panarbora (Nature Discovery Park) in Waldbröl the children were able to learn a lot about the local forests from the canopy pathway.

The numerous activities that took place in the EMG conference centre, as well as outdoors near the company premises, ensured the children had a lot of fun and were able to make many new friends.

EMG's employees were also extremely pleased with the group of children, which they met from time to time on the company's premises, as well as with the cheerful sound of children's laughter, which some will surely miss in the future.

A small closing ceremony held on the last day, during which the children playfully presented what they had learned from their experiences over the two weeks, brought EMG's holiday care programme to an end for 2017.

Since all the children had so much fun and the offer was well received, we are planning to provide this kind of programme again for the summer holidays in 2018.