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"Parents & Trainees" tour at EMG

Company tour at EMG for trainees 2019 and their parents

Trainees 2019 with their parents

Although it will be a while before September 2019, the training contracts with EMG's young trainees for 2019 have already been signed. We have taken this as an opportunity to invite the trainees for next year, together with their parents, to a company tour at EMG, because after all, a whole new phase in their lives will begin next year. 

All 11 trainees from the various training branches accepted our invitation and were accompanied by their parents. 

After the welcoming and subsequent presentation of the elexis group, the parents and future apprentices were given a tour of the company and a first insight into what their children and they themselves can expect from us next year. At the end there was an open round of questions in which the parents were able to ask about the start of work, the transport connections or the school locations. 

We were particularly pleased with the support of our two trainees Leon Hof and Robin Haustein, who gave a presentation about their stay abroad this year after the company presentation. 

At the end, our future apprentices received their training contracts, which have since been registered with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and their parents the EMG Chronicle 7.0., in order to be able to read one or two interesting things as well as the 70-year history of EMG at home.