Strip centering on welding and strip joining machines

Bandzentrierung an Schweiß- und Heftmaschinen

Perfect strip positioning

Strip centering systems from EMG are space-saving and easy to retrofit into existing production. A special centering frame ensures the perfect positioning of the strip without damage to the strip edges.

In the entry area of continuous strip processing lines the tail end of one length of strip and the head end of the next are joined together, this being carried out using welding or stitching machines, depending on the material and gauge of the strip and on the line design.

Modern welding or stitching machines include systems for fully automatic centering upstream and downstream of the welding or stitching machine. Mechanical edge centering devices are mainly used but there is a high risk of damaging the strip edge. The space-saving EMG system which brings the strip tail end in line with the strip head end has often proved to be a suitable method, especially in the case of a retrofit.

The sensor system installed upstream of the welding or stitching machine senses the width and position of the new strip. Based on these values and on the registered width of the terminating strip and the reference position of the strip tail end, the photocells downstream of the welding or stitching machine are positioned accordingly. Centering of the strip tail end respect to strip axis and angularity is then carried out by the centering stand which guides the strip using a clamping beam. In the case of thicker strip, two clamping beams are used.

The system can also be designed for bringing the strip head end in line with the strip tail end.

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